~My Blinkies~

Blinkies are an icon old web form of expression. Anyone can make two 150 x 20 frames with a slightly changed border + text.

How I got into blinkies I found them when I wanted to find Old Web graphics of Talkshow Boy, since most of his albums were put out in the 00s but alas, none existed! So I started making blinkies on! It brought me down a rabbit hole of searching for graphics in the Wayback Machine, Gifcities, Geoblinkies and the old web tag on tumblr! I really adore all the creativity that blinkies can hold in such a small space!!
I dont make blinkies as often as I did in 2022, but if insperation strikes u can bet ur ass im on ezgifs making a new one :3

My Originals

Please use my button or link back 2 if you use these any of these blinkies.

Large Blinkies

Altered Blinkies

I didnt Create the base of these blinkies, but i altered them in some way. Links 2 originals coming soon.

Templates I made for! Generated

Song blinkies, Click on them to play

Personally Generated

Other Peoples Blinkies

Blinkies made by other people, click to view the source!

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