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Censored Movie Moments. Find this blog post @ My SpaceHey
11/8/2022 ~ Betty + Veronica Today I finally got around to remaking my old Betty and Veronica gifs, I never posted them because I wasn't happy enough with them since they were one of the first scenes I gifed. But I did use them a TON in personal stuff, like just sending them via discord and making a picmix out of them because theyre fun :3

Thats all besides the point, today about how wonderfully (imo) they handled "Guy characters in drag" trope ...Its obviously not perfect, the changing room scene always breaks my heart. Especially with how out of character it is for Sarah to be needlessly mean and you know, the transmisogynistic "boys just want to be in girls locker rooms" stereotype always just makes me wanna stop watching.
Thankfully outside of that scene, they handle it really nicely??
Theirs so much trans stuff you can dig out of this episode like:
Ethans response to "You ready girls?" by nervously looking around to make sure it wasn't him being referred to + "I wanted to date a girl in high school, not be one" has alot of transmasc swag to me.
And Betty, oh my god Betty! In so many scenes she just has pure joy of being a girl. So much of the episode is just her SMILING and I love it!!
The sleepover scene always melts my heart with just how excited she is with Sarah to do feminine things. It just so oddly refreshing to see, especially with a fan favorite character!!
And RORY!! The subplot with Rory is so good, like Benny didn’t have to write that letter to him, at all. But he DID, and it's just the cutest thing i've ever heard.
"Our time together what short but sweet like you"
"Be strong my little devil"
"We'll always have the gym hall"
And the way Rory only floats during this scene and when meeting Doug Falcon Hawk. Pan rory real. Knowing that the wire rigs take alot of time to set up makes those scenes like 10x more important to me.
That's all I have for now, thank you so much for reading and i'll leave you off with all the gifs i've made of this episode. Enjoy!!

10/21/2022 ~ My Babysitter Est Un Vampire DVD! Today my French copy of My Babysitters a vampire came in!
I was very indecisive about buying this, i had it in my favorites on ebay for months. But I finally bought it since my MBAV youtube videos show casing MBAV censored moments got a lot of attention! And I felt bad for showing over 10k people a 360p video with TWO watermarks >_>
So now I'm just waiting on my non region locked DVD player to come in so i can ACTUALLY fuckin play the thing.
On a more positive note, I really really love the cases and DVDs they came in. like holy shit they're beautiful.
Below I will show the images i took! [WARNING: I have a very potato quality camera. im sorry in advance]
Unlike the English copy, it comes with two seperate cases and a case holder! I think this is a truely beutiful case, I use this promo shot as my header on my MBAV tumblr blog so im a bit biased but i just think it looks so cool!

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