Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox is our main female lead. She's The Vampire Babysitter!
Technically she isn't a full vampire until the ending of season 1, being a fledgling instead. Meaning she's been bitten by Jesse (antagonist) & has some vampy powers but hasn't fully turned because she refuses to drink human blood.
She struggles with eating and depression since she never wanted to be turned into a vampire, but still is able to kick (literally) back and have fun with her friends. Helping them get out of whatever supernatual mishaps the boys run into.

Ethan Morgan

Ethan Morgan is our main male protagonist, being the My in My Babysitter's A Vampire. Thanks to his babysitter's vampirism, he gets his first few visions from Sarah and later learns he is a Seer from Benny's Grandma.
His visions are a blessing, a curse and a plot device that lets him see into the supernatural world with a singel touch. His visions can range from vague to explicit, getting more powerful and accurate as the series goes on.
He's a dorky, softhearted guy, who comes from a nuclear family which makes his plunge into the world of vampires and warlocks all the more extreme.

Benny Weir

Benny Weir is arguably The girl next door, being Ethan's goofy best bud and next-door neighbor of several years.
He's a rookie spell caster, learning he's a magician at the same time Ethan learns he's a Seer. Because of his new found powers and being a bit of a dick, he uses his ablities for selfish gains. Like picking up a girl via dog relival, a love potion or selling his grandmas magical stuff for a quick buck.

Rory Keaner

Rory Keaner is a fan favorite character, nerdy, charming and seems like a fun person to just hang out with.
He got turned full vamp at Jesse's party in the movie and kinda digs the life style. He enjoys snacking on squirls and critters to keep himself fed and enjoys the perks of super speed, flying and living forever. He's childish and doesn't wanna grow up, but can you blame him? He's gonna be 15~ forever!
This Page is a work in progress. More Characters coming soon!!