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Just One Of The Guys

Just One of the Guys is a lesser known 1980's teen movie about our lead, Terri Griffith, getting rejected from her school newspaper, crossdresses at a new school as Terry, and applies there. He gets rejected just the same, but determines to get a story out of this experence.

Now if you just read that discription it sounds plain. boring. cisgender, even. But the movie. The movie itself... far far from it my friend.

When I watch Terry Griffith on screen, I finally see a high school experience that resembles my own. Being an awkward trans-butch guy trying to blend in with my cis collees.

It's hard to express the shock and delight of seeing Terri shove a sock down his pants, his brother trying to help him pass, the awkwardness that can pop up when your crush doesn't know your trans, having to show your physical body for people to believe you, and just. so so so much more.

Just one of the guys is what I crave out Trans Cinema, JOY. FUN. SILLIES AROUND BEING TRANS!

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