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This is a place were I plan to log all my thoughts on recent movies and shows I've watched! I tend to dislike places like letterbox since it forces you to Rate and Like a movie which just, isnt realisic. So I'll be making little blog posts rambling about stuff ive seen for a personal log and to get more writing practice in.

Also. their will be ALOT of typos because im dyslexic and this isn't a collage application, so you've been warned :3

Recent blog posts

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Novemnber blog posts

11/5/2022 ~ A Heartland Christmas Another Matthew Knight movie. and shockingly really fun? I didn't even notice that this movie existed since I got it confused with his other Christmas movie titled "Christmas in Wonderland
But despite the similar titles theyre very different, Christmas in wondwerland seems very cartoony and all over the place vs this very grounded movie.
It honestly really got me with its emotional beats and i was invested in this horse driven story. Sometimes i was ripped out of it by the way the characters are just like “im so sad and emotional and CHRISTMAS!!!“ like a guy literally screams it and i had to pause to laugh at it.
I’m having a hard time writing more about this movie but it was enjoyable and i appericate how much Matthew Knight was in it. Would watch again!
11/1/2022 ~ Wendelle and Wild Today I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. as I was swapping gauses, spitting up blood and layed ice packs on my face i watched Wendelle and wild.
Honestly made me forget that i was bleeding a ton from my mouth since the movie was so mesmorizing. I really enjoyed it.
I love how direct it was with being "Oh they want to fuck over this school to turn it into a prison complex" flat out, while also dealing with interpersonal trauma.
And the transguy?!! THE TRANSGUY?!! God fucking bless, it was wonderful to see a trans guy in a film as fun as this. AND HE JAMMED OUT TO DEATH'S FREAKIN OUT?! Ive literally loved that song for yearsss. check it out!!
But to the main character, she was perfect! I could not get enough of her!! I loved her style, her powers, her personality just AAAA! it was so nice to see a punk black girl be the sympathetic leading lady.
I literally cant complain about a single character besidse maybe the 2 short nuns, they were seen as antagonists and had large noses which is. :I but thankfully they were the main villians and werent in the movie too much.
Thats all I have for now, I really enjoyed this movie and I hope to rewatch it with my bf when im Off Pain meds :P

October '22 Blog posts

10/31/2022 ~ Young Drunk Punk: The Pilot Yesterday I watched the first episode of Young Drunk Punk, with my bf. We both enjoyed seeing Atticus Mitchell again in stripes and even punching some guys. Can't say that the humor really got me but I really enjoyed the costuming and coloration of the show.
That's about all the thoughts I have for this show so far, since I'm only 1 episode + a rewatch in. But I'll leave you off with some gifs I made!

Next I'm watching A Heartland Christmas, ft. Matthew Knight. Altho I'd like to watch Wendell and Wild for halloween, I haven't been able to get my hands on it. Yet!
10/28/2022 ~ Cinderella (1996)
A few days ago I watched CInderella 1996 with my wonderful bf hermon! We've been meaning to watch this movie together for a while now and Oh my god I regret not watching it sooner!! It Blew Me AWAY.
The costumes, the singing, the cast, the choreography, like holy shit. I teared up a few times because of how overwhelming it all was. I really really loved this movie and enjoyed literally every performance.
It was so cool seeing Whoopi Goldberg as the mom, her smile always makes me melt and she fit the role perfectly. And I enjoyed seeing Jason Alexander (george costanza’s actor) in a musical role, but the accent did take some getting used to.
I ADORE the step sisters, when they join in song with the A lovely Night it was so fun watching them all dance around together! It always means a lot when retellings include that the sisters are also abused by their controlling mother and I think this movie did it really well!
I just can't stop replaying Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? and The Sweetest Sound the songs are so good but finding a good quality upload on youtube of the songs are hard to come by.
It was such a fun wonderful movie that took everything I loved about the original disney animation and built upon it tenfold. I WILL be watching again!
10/22/2022 ~ The good Witchs Garden [note this is my first movie blog post like this and I still have some thoughts I wanna jot down but if I dont upload some of this I'm never gonna finish this page so I hope this review isnt too disorganized for now.]
A few days ago I watched, The Good Witch's Garden, the 2n good witch movie out of 7.
Also the 2nd to last movie I need to see, I haven't seen the original yet.
It was alot less painfully boring the later movies i watched, still not amazing but they had a lot more dynamic shots and felt more like. a movie then just Going though the motions. But thats coming from me, my boyfriend got home while I was watching this movie so he sat though some of it with me and he was Painfully bored the entire time
But jesus christ the music was very painful espically for the character they have. Playing obnoius trumpets to state oh this character is soo stupid and silly and fat hehe! Its so fucking annoying and LOUD in the first part of the movie. It felt like I was playing toontown or something. The music in this movie is really torturious and im thankful for every second they just have silence. Anyways.
Matthew knight is pretty young in this movie and you can espically tell with his cracky voice, I thought he was literally sick at first. I already wrote down most of my little rambles about this movie at my tumblr along with the clips that you can watch here on tumblr (yt wouldn't let me upload it sorry)
Part 1, Part 2. Over all take away is this really isn't an enjoyable movie. I dont recommend watching this movie to anyone unless you happen to see it on tv at a motel or something. And even then. Check the other channels first.