Hello... Welcome to my Who's Lila? Page.

This site will NOT look good on mobile... but I don't care, this is a PC game anyways.

I got into this game on 11/24/2023 and started making this on page 12/2/2023.

I started playing the game with my boyfriend after watching, This Video, and we quickly became hooked. As of writing this I have finished EVERY route and secret endings!! Wahoo!

But... I'd be lying if I haven't peaked into a bunch of dif sites for this game, and thought I should be 1 of em :3

This page WILL get more spoilery as it goes on. But this game cant really be fully understood though mear screenshots...

You could keep scrolling to try, or just return home?

My stuff!

I'd first like to show off all the graphics I've made/collected for this game. But the page is getting kinda long.
So click on the Tanya below to see my Transparent edits and videos!!

Gif of Tanya kennedy sitting and smoking on Matt's back porch during a party. William is awkwardly standing next her, cloked in white.Profile shot of Tanya kennedying making a neutral face then smiling.

My gifs!

PLZ credit me for these if u use! a simple link 2 my page works!

Profile shot of Tanya kennedy frowning. Profile shot of Tanya kennedy smiling. Profile shot of Tanya kennedy getting pissed. Profile shot of martha smiling then looking sick, shes rather drunk. William forming a polite smile. Profile shot of martha looking sick, then smiling.

Squished William says "Thanks for checking out our website, you can return to shrines or sign our guessbook!

Image of William Clarke awkwardly smiling. the image is warped so he looks squished. as if someone bonked him with a cartoon club.