Hello... Welcome to my Who's DJ page

The music player I use for playlists makes my pages unarchivable on archive.org So I putting it here. Along with text so the track listings will always be somewhat preserved.

Feel free to keep looking at the rest of the website after this page, the music box will stick until you refresh/reload a page ^_^

Track listing:
  1. Lovers Rock By TV Girl
  2. Him By Rupert Holmes
  3. The Other Girl By The Young Veins
  4. Closer By Ne-Yo
  5. Cannibal By Tally Hall
  6. Take My Head By Turnover
  7. Everyone but you By The Young Veins
  8. Your Woman By White Town
  9. The Trap By Tally Hall
  10. The Mind Electric By Miracle Musical
  11. Paranoiac Intervals Nightcore By Lulu
  12. Only A Lad By Oingo Boingo
  13. Get Outta Yourself By Rupert Holmes
  14. Partners In Crime By Rupert Holmes
  15. Too Close By Sir Chloe
  16. Shattered Glass By Britney Spears
  17. Careless Whispers By George Michael
  18. She's So High By Blur
  19. Who Is She? By I MONSTER
  20. Lie to the Truth By The Young Veins
  21. Walk you Home By Sir Chloe
  22. Poker Face By Lady Gaga