Hi, I've been running this website for over a year now (wahoo!) So I have a lot of dif pages. Here you can find it ALL!!!!

  • My Babysitter's A Vampire: Fan page for a 2010's Canadian TV show + Movie that I love more then anything, it has a lot of subpages so, more links around it l8r on.
  • Talkshow Boy: Fan page for an australian Indie Artist called Talkshow boy, his work is what led me into getting into gif making/old web stuff!
  • Splatoon: My favorite video game series! The only one I've bothered to keep up with since its release in 2015, tried to make the CSS capture the Vibe of the original [Very colorful, lots of moving parts]
  • Movies: Only has one page at the time of writing this... but I'm a huge film bro at heart, this is a page were i catalog my favorites and try to explain why they mean sm 2 me <3 as well as storing screenshots + gifs Ive made for it!
  • Guessbook: Only really cool and nicey people sign this thing. Sign it to make my day :3
  • Graphics
    • Blinkies: If you've ever used or are a fan of blinkies in gen, you've might have seen my work already! This is my entire catalog of blinkies I've made/edited + some adopted blinkies at the bottom!
    • Buttons: Links to other sites + some I've made! Warning, its a bit messy ><
    • Icons: 100 x 100 gifs + pngs! Old web style profile pics that NEED 2 be everywhere again, huge personal collection, some I've made most I've ripped off of Old Internet Icons tumblr
    • Pixel Jars: A ton of 20 x 20 pixels I've collected, honestly a mess but in a cute fun kinda way!
    • Dividers: a ton of Dividers I've collected and a couple I've edited
    ~My Babysitter's A Vampire~
    • Fan Graphics: Icons, Picmix's, Animations, Posters, Glitter graphics and more!! All about My Babysitter's A Vampire, honestly one of my favorite pages!
      • Picmix's: Picmix's I've collected from various fan blogs on tumblr (including myself) all link back to the original tumblr post or Picmix page!
    • Behind the Scenes: An obsessive collection of over 200+ image of various Behind the Scenes photos taken during filming of the Movie + Series.
    • Promos: Collection of Unedited promotional pictures sorted by movie and season
      • Movie Promos: Wanna see awkward photos of Sarah, Benny and Ethan? Today is your lucky day!
      • Season 1: Bear your fangs with Sarah, Erica and Rory keaner! So many pictures of these nerds!
      • Season 2: All of the main 5 freaks and geeks in one place, or should i say page? def check this one out, has the most out of all the pages :3
    • Interviews: Interviews from the cast and crew, that used tobe spread across dead links and old unknown websites, Now catalogged all in one spot :D
    • Links: Links to other MBAV pages on the web, mostly tumblr blogs new and old
    • MBAV Guessbook: Guessbook for all the mbavers!